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Value Tech Realty Services, Inc.

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Providing Services for the Real Estate Investment Field

Value Tech Realty Services, Inc. is a multifaceted company that provides the real estate investment field with services that include market feasibility analyses, valuation analytics, and other market research studies. We have created a niche for ourselves as a team of real estate advisors. Our firm accomplishes this through the use of primary market research techniques that are unparalleled in the industry. These services are provided in formats that are suitable for use in FHA-insured loans that meet the requirements of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), FreddieMac, FannieMae, and various state and federal loan programs.


The professionals at Value Tech Reality Services, Inc. are highly respected for their dedication to servicing the needs of the investment community. We use market analyses to assist firms such as Standard and Poor’s and Moody’s Investors Service for the purpose of rating debt; AIG Financial Products Corp. for providing insurance products and services; and Bear Stearns, Raymond James and Associates and Citi Group to name a few, in making decisions in the fields of investment banking and public finance. Additionally, firms such as Societé Generale, Guggenheim, DEPFA Bank, and FannieMae have relied on our research and analyses to make decisions regarding the purchase or sale of investment-grade debt.


Our firm has also been instrumental in providing research and analysis of military housing under the Public-Private Venture (PPV). We have complied studies regarding the reuse of military bases, as well as the economic impact of housing ventures for the various branches of the United States military. Our firm’s approach and the thoroughness with which we perform our research and delivery of the facts detailing specific market dynamics has proven to be a critical component within the financial arena.

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Primary market research techniques that are unparalleled in the industry