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Healthcare-Related Services

  • LEAN Market Studies
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  • Complete Self-Contained Market Study Reports
  • Rent Surveys
  • Specific Property Competitive Analysis
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  • Portfolio and Individual Property Investment Analysis
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Providing Services for the Real Estate Investment Field

Value Tech Realty Services, Inc. has been involved in the senior housing/healthcare industry for over 15 years. The industry has evolved over the years to include a wide spectrum of products including senior apartments, independent living facilities, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, continuing care communities, retirement communities, special care facilities, trauma and acute care, residential treatment centers, and a combination of housing and care facilities. The firm has been involved in the industry’s evolution and has a strong knowledge and understanding of the specialized management and business operations within the healthcare arena. This expertise is utilized within all of their healthcare assignments.


Value Tech Realty Services, Inc. has a reputation in providing quality research and valuation products tailored to individual investment criteria and different financing programs. These include FHA programs, conventional and governmental-backed financing programs, as well as investment and insurance firm requirements.





During 2008, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) instituted the LEAN program for processing Section 232 applications, which had formerly been processed under the Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP) or Traditional Application Processing (TAP) programs by local HUD Field Offices. As of March 1, 2009, all Section 232 loans including refinance, purchase, new construction, substantial rehabilitation, supplemental loans, operating loss loans, and Section 223(a)(7) loans will be processed under LEAN. This new program was intended to streamline the application and cut down on processing time. HUD instituted a number of changes including:



  • Development of standardized certifications and templates for lenders to use in their assembly of the application package
  • Development of standardized forms for HUD personnel to use in their underwriting of submitted applications
  • Legal review of the Firm Application is commenced immediately upon submission in order to cut down on processing time
  • Portions of the application have been removed that were redundant
  • Third party appraisal requirements have been changed so that the appraisal is a market appraisal. Previous requirements that included the use of HUD forms, the inclusion a proprietary earnings split, etc. are no longer required


Value Tech Realty Services, Inc. has a long history of providing market studies and appraisals for HUD related work. Our company has been involved in providing the same level of quality service under the new LEAN program since its inception. We have provided LEAN compliant Market Studies and LEAN compliant Appraisal work for a wide variety of property types and loan classifications.



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