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James Kauchick

813-948-0545 ext. # 202

Vice President and Director of Military Housing Services, Value Tech Realty Services, Inc.

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Mr. Kauchick is co-founder of Value Tech Realty Services, Inc. He provides consulting expertise in the real estate arena for Value Tech Realty Services, Inc. His extensive knowledge of business operations assists his clients in their pursuit of successful real estate ventures. Mr. Kauchick has a depth of experience in real estate planning, zoning, and legal documentation for projects, community interaction, site engineering, horizontal and vertical integration for construction, hard and soft cost construction analyses, financial budgeting, and project management. These skills are applied to various consulting assignments by clients that are involved in the financing and rating of loans, project feasibility, development, and market analytics.


Mr. Kauchick has been working in the real estate industry since the 1970s. His involvement began in single-family construction where he learned the basic skills of home construction. Mr. Kauchick’s career in the home construction field included not only the construction of single-family homes, but also the renovation/rehabilitation of homes for fire/storm-insurance claim projects and new project development for multi-family communities.


Expanding upon his base knowledge of construction techniques, Mr. Kauchick founded Centreplex Development and Centrex Management Companies. The development divisions focused on planned residential communities for single-family homes. The company’s focus was “infill” developments within the Hillsborough County, Florida marketplace.


Mr. Kauchick’s experience in construction and planned residential development provides a strong foundation in the determination of a project’s feasibility analysis. The broad understanding of various processes ensures that all aspects of a project are considered and evaluated.


Mr. Kauchick is director of military housing privatization projects. This area is involved in the market study and economic impact of military housing. Mr. Kauchick is also very involved within the local and regional markets.



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